Acid Witch - Midnight Mass 7"

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Halloween Orange w/ heavy black splatter

Originally released in 2010, Midnight Mass was the first ACID WITCH recording to feature the longstanding songwriting duo of Shagrat and Slasher Dave; coincidentally enough, it was their first release with HELLS HEADBANGERS, a partnership that endures to this day. And while the band had (rightfully) garnered attention with their Witchtanic Hallucinations debut album in 2008 due to the involvement of Hooded Menace’s Lasse Pyykkö, Midnight Mass stripped their sound back to its barest essentials and revealed that Shagrat and Slasher Dave indeed could go it alone and stomp forth a filthy-yet-fun doom-death sound that’d reach its apotheosis with the subsequent Stoned album later that year, and has been uniquely THE “ACID WITCH sound” ever since. Two songs comprise this 7” EP, short but very sweet: 10 minutes of sewer-dredging spookiness that screams Halloween!