Ancestral Shadows - Wolven Mysteries of Ancient Lore LP

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  • 2023 NWN Pressing.
  • 160 gram virgin vinyl.
  • Gatefold jacket printed on silver foil paper.
  • 24"x24" poster of the cover art.
  • Initial orders will receive the limited color vinyl variant. 

After over a decade silently haunting the landscape of the USBM Underground... Ghostly Tyrants, Ancestral Shadows emerge from the frenzied flames of Witchcraft for a grim pact with NWN! Productions. American black metal, full of identity and atmospheric melancholy. A.C. was formed in Autumn 2010 by Apparitional Wolf Shadow from the ashes of Frozen Forest with the desire to go in a new direction inspired by depressive and pagan black metal from the European soil. A.C. belongs to the Antilight Collective from New Hampshire.