Apochryphal Revelation - Reverence for the Kings of Hell LP

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Nuclear War Now! Productions is proud to present the vinyl reissue of the first full length recording from APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION. Originally released in 2017, REVERENCE FOR THE KINGS OF HELL offers five movements of arcane Hellenic black metal. Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION operates in the tradition of the elder Greek gods VARATHRON, ROTTING CHRIST, and ZEMIAL. Make no mistake, though: REVERENCE FOR THE KINGS OF HELL is far more than a simple genre exercise. Atmospheric stoicism fuses with muscular riffing and sparse, deliberate production, placing APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION in equal conversation with their Mediterranean progenitors. An expert display of the majestic classicism of warm-climate black metal, REVERENCE FOR THE KINGS OF HELL is essential listening for all who worship the Hellenic black arts.