Falls of Rauros - The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood LP

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Featuring Austin Lunn (Panopticon) on drums, this album found Falls of Rauros evolving into a very emotive realm of post black metal that has been a core element of their sound for years and for this pressing of this special album, we have added some very nice features in celebration...

-Includes the return of the original cover art!
-2LP set (White/gray merge vinyl)
-Heavy Gatefold Jacket
-3 sided LP
-Side 4 has a screen print of 2 hunters chasing a stag
-2 sided insert
- Poly lined Innersleeves

Track listing:
SIDE A: Earth’s Old Timid Grace / Banished
SIDE B: Awaiting the Fire or Flood that Awakes it
SIDE C: Nonesuch River Chant / Silence / The Cormorants Shiver on Their Rocks