Farawisa - Frægð CD

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Farawisa was established in Vienna in 2017 with the goal in mind to create its own interpretation of heathen Metal. The concept is deeply rooted in Norse mythology and Old Icelandic literature whereas the driving force was from the start to evoke these old stories. The lyrics are without exception kept in Old Norse, the language spoken in Scandinavia from the early Viking Age on to late Medieval times. The Name Farawisa itself derives from an even older language, Proto Norse, which was the predecessor of Old Norse. It translates to "the one with dangerous knowledge" and refers to a rune master, or someone who understands the meaning of the runes and the (dangerous) magic they possess. The music is dominated by ice cold riffs, melancholic leads and atmospheric keyboards, rounded down by a versatile vocal performance which ranges from Black Metal typical high pitched screams to epic chanting, and various facettes inbetween.

Format:  Compact Disc in 4-Panel DigiPak with glossy varnish and booklet + Download

Limitation: First press 100 copies