Lord Kaos - Thorns of Impurity LP

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Seeping with an ominous grandiosity, the sole Lord Kaos album “Thorns of Impurity” is truly a forgotten relic in the pantheon of 90s symphonic black metal. Behind the morose keyboards and rigor mortis burdened drumming lies the key to Lord Kaos’ sound - guitarist Jamie “Astennu” Stinson. Before the release of “Thorns of Impurity”, Astennu migrated to Norway, through his connection to Slayer Mag’s Metalion, in order to record his solo project Carpe Tenebrum at the legendary Creative Studios. While in Norway he would join Dimmu Borgir and Covenant in the midst of a very successful era in both bands' respective careers. Though the records he would record for those acts and his solo project have garnered fans worldwide, “Thorns of Impurity” has remained an underground classic. Astennu’s razor sharp riffing, alongside the superb musicianship of fellow bandmates Incubus and Lord of Night Summoning added a new dimension to the cosmos of Australian black metal. Though Australia isn't known for its frost bitten mountaintops, the unforgivingly ice cold atmosphere of this album is a testament to the imperishable vision of Lord Kaos. The time has finally come to enter the Hall of Shadows!