Moon Incarnate - Hymns to the Moon LP

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MOON INCARNATE are a new band of old souls, forged with single-minded focus. The band features the duo of Christian Kolf (Valborg) and Matin Vasari (Beyondition), who together wrote, recorded, and produced their debut album over the course of two years in their hometown of Bonn, Germany, with Peter Scartabello (Sky Shadow Obelisk) recording his drum tracks in Providence, Rhode Island, home of H.P. Lovecaraft.

Suitably, MOON INCARNATE's sound was born out of love for the early works of the Peaceville Three - Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Anathema - as well as early Amorphis, Tiamat, Katatonia, Samael, and Moonspell. Powerfully patient and starkly streamlined, their Hymns to the Moon full-length lumbers forward with eerie, awe-inspiring ease: massively heavy, entrenched in moonlit atmosphere, and rendered in rich, vintage tones courtesy of mastering by Armin Rave (Pavor). As forecasted by both moniker and album title, MOON INCARNATE's Hymns to the Moon indeed delves into classic gothic horror themes while always paying tribute to Mother Moon.

Whether one's a maniac for early doom-death or simply heeds the call of horror in heavy metal, you will FEEL the chill in your bones with MOON INCARNATE's Hymns to the Moon!