Portrayal of Guilt- We are Always Alone LP

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Portrayal of Guilt deliver the unrelenting and pitch-black new full-length album, We Are Always Alone, via Closed Casket Activities. The band, who received high acclaim for their groundbreaking 2018 release Let Pain Be Your Guide, return with a shape-shifted and scorching new sound through nine tracks - proving to be more uncompromising and inventive than ever. Recorded in early 2020 at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, TX with Phillip Odom and featuring guest appearances from Mack Chami (Terror Cell Unit, God Is War), Chris Taylor (Pg. 99, Pygmy Lush) and Matt Michel (Majority Rule), We Are Always Alone ignites a game-changing, razor sharp, and unique new chapter for the band. Obscuring lines and bending all genre norms, Portrayal of Guilt shatter the extremes of screamo, hardcore, black metal, death metal, powerviolence, and noise to reveal their strongest and most compelling material to date. Dripping with dread and apathy, each track shows the band coping with a splintered society. Portrayal of Guilt have written the soundtrack and gospel to a world on fire and have set the standard for 2021!