Runemagick - The Supreme Force of Eternity LP

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"The Supreme Force of Eternity, the debut album with some old obscure demo tracks as a bonus. That's actually also what the main material is too. But re-recorded in 1998 versions of previously old demo material from the first era in the early 90s. So in a way it's a collection of older re-recorded material from the early years of the band. Hence the material differs somewhat from the second album "Enter the Realm of Death". But it's still a classic release in the history of Runemagick." - Nicklas Rudolfsson

The debut album from 1998 with songs from the first era of the band
Bonus tracks from old obscure demo recordings
Remastered by Johan Bäckman (Raven Noise Studio)
Liner notes by Nicklas Rudolfsson