Stangarigel - Metafyzika Barbarstva LP

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Here is the excellent new EP of Stangarigel, project of Lesodiv of Malokarpatan and Remmirath fame, and Stalagnat. Following up to their massive full-length, "Na Severe Srdca" released last year, Stangarigel continues following on the same path of romantic, epic pagan Black Metal, hearkening back to times long pass, when Black Metal still looked for old folklore, tales of mysticism and treachery, and nostalgia for times of old glory and greatness as a source of inspiration. Deeply in line with the works of early Satyricon and Ulver, and definitely not discounting the slavic undertones of acts like Nokturnal Mortum and Graveland and their own country's music, Stangarigel delivers 2 tracks of ancient Black Metal fury, that can only be compared to old legends like these, and less than a handful of acts today, in which I'd certainly include Auld Ridge. The second track is also a beautifully conceived surprise of Ambient music, with clear 70s New Age influence, over-layered by dreamy, rustic field recordings.