Trap Them‎ - Darker Handcraft LP

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Black And White Blend vinyl. Trap Them return to the forefront of American extreme music with their latest masterpiece brutality, Darke Handcraft, their Prosthetic debut and follow up to 2008s Seizures In Barren Praise. The band once again recorded their metal, punk, d-beat, hardcore hybrid with Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou at his God City Studios. Lyrically and sonically, Darker Handcraft is as bleak, angry and desperate as ever. The album s artwork was done by similar minded artist, Justin Bartlett, who has also collaborated with Trap Them, as well as Gorgoroth, Sunn 0))) and more. Trap Them was formed in the early part of the decade in New England, by vocalist/lyricist Ryan McKenney and guitarist Brian Izzi who shared a love of bands such as Entombed, Black Flag, Basum and Tragedy. The lineup is completed by bassist Stephen LaCour and ex-Coliseum drummer Chris Maggio. Though the band has seen several lineup changes, they're more powerful than ever, even though you can find their members scattered in Louisville, Seattle and Austin.