Vengeance Sorcery - Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate / Shade of Darkness Casting... LP

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Tracks 1-5: "Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate" demo (2019)
Tracks 6-11: "Shade of Darkness Casting..." demo (2020)

Nuclear War Now! and Vengeance Sorcery have aligned to spread darkness from the North American vastlands and beyond! This slab of occult blackened doom has been conjured by the mind of Deathwalker (Nihil Invocation, USA) and derives its influence from bass-driven, hard hitting outlets such as Barathrum, Ride for Revenge, Perverted Ceremony, Demoncy, etc…! Originally a 1 piece project, Deathwalker has welcomed help from his homelands & Russian tundra along the path.